HBONY LCD Video Wall helps Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals

Background of the project

In today's era of intelligence and informatization, digital transformation has put forward higher requirements for enterprises' office collaboration, and LCD splicing screen stands out and has become an indispensable means and focus for enterprises to summarize various information and present an intuitive image.

Recently, Anhui Baker Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. introduced Shenzhen Unique Display Technology HBY-PJ550P-3 (55-inch 0.88mm LCD splicing screen) to build a high-definition data display large-screen display device, which provides a powerful boost for efficient work.

According to the data, Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals is located in Taihe, Anhui, a well-known national pharmaceutical distribution center known as the "Drug Capital of East China", and is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program.


One-stop solution to fully empower customers

Although the large LCD splicing screen plays an important role in displaying data, Anhui Baker Pharmaceutical has a set of strict standards for the purchase of display screens: one is to have a high-definition display effect, and the other is to meet the daily data display.


Combining these factors, Shenzhen Unique Display provides a professional one-stop solution for Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals. 40 LCD splicing units are used, which are displayed in 4 rows and 10 columns. With HDMI high-definition matrix, the intelligent terminal system can meet the needs of Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals for faster and more efficient use of large screens.


Of course, as the transmission window for data display, the LCD splicing screen needs a screen with delicate picture and high definition.

55-inch 0.88mm LCD splicing screen, the whole screen resolution is 1920*1080, with stunning picture effect; the screen brightness is 500 cd/m², which ensures the clear and bright picture; in addition, the viewing angle is as high as 178°, no matter from which angle you watch , which can make the display screen perform better.

Collaborative and efficient One-screen view and full control

Traditional data display has pain points such as scattered data, various types, poor timeliness of aggregation, and lack of efficient data analysis methods, which cannot allow Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals to quickly obtain data.

Today, in the central command and control room of Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals, the visualization solution with Unique Display smart large screen can synchronously transmit and display information such as production data and park operations of Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals in real time, with high-quality image display effects.

For example, the LCD splicing screen can display Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals in an all-round way. According to the perceived data, it analyzes the current situation in various fields, generates problems, puts forward suggestions, and automatically forms a written report.

Secondly, it provides precise management and decision support for production line production, park operation and other links, so as to realize the high-definition visual intelligent management and control of the smart park, and enable enterprises to operate intelligently and efficiently.

At the same time, in the face of the massive data of Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals, the ultra-high-definition and refined display ensures that every detail is not missed, and all kinds of data information can be grasped comprehensively and accurately.


Large display splicing, a number of difficult tests

The flatness of the LCD splicing screen is the primary problem faced by the Unique Display project construction team. Since Anhui Baker Pharmaceutical uses a large display screen made of 40 LCD splicing units, if the installation is not flat, it will cause defects in the display effect and fragmentation of the screen, which will seriously affect the user experience.


In addition, for a large display screen, in order to achieve high-definition resolution, in addition to the resolution of the image signal received by the display device, the resolution of the image signal needs to be consistent with the resolution of the device itself, so there are also high requirements for splicing technology.

In order to ensure the display effect, the Unique Display project construction team adopted the installation method of the splicing screen floor-to-ceiling cabinet in combination with the on-site installation environment.


With the official launch of the intelligent display system, the production efficiency and production capacity of Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals have been greatly improved. In the future, Unique Display will continue to improve its products and solutions, injecting new energy into the development of biomedicine and the big health industry.