HBONY LCD Video Wall helps Anhui Baker Pharmaceuticals

In today's era of intelligence and informatization

digital transformation has put forward higher requirements

for enterprises' office collaboration,and LCD splicing screen

stands out and has become an indispensable means and focus

for enterprises to summarize various information and present an intuitive image.

LCD Video Wall Solution for Shenzhen Hengda Xingye

Recently, Shenzhen Hengda Industrial Environmental Technology

applied Unique Display’s HBY-PJ490P (49-inch 3.5mm LCD splicing

screen), hoping to show customers the corporate brand image, technical

achievements, product series and corporate culture through smart terminal

display equipment.

United States XXX Science Museum LCD Video Wall Case

The science and technology museum is designed as a public

welfare science education display platform with exhibition education

as its main function. Through different display equipment or display

methods, it can stimulate visitors' interest and enlighten scientific concepts.

HBONY helps Lhasa Design Institute Build A Meeting Room

The arrival of the intelligent information age

has not only changed people's living habits but has also ushered

in changes in enterprises. Among them, multimedia conferences are a very

big change. Many enterprises start the transformation from traditional meeting

rooms to multimedia intelligent meeting rooms.

LCD Video Wall project of Guangdong Nut Law Firm

Recently, Guangdong Nut Law Firm introduced

Shenzhen Unique Display Technology Splicing Screen Unit HBY-PJ490P

(49-inch BOE 3.5mm LCD splicing screen)

for large-screen display systems in conference rooms.

LCD Video Wall project of Xinjiang Daxin Energy Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Daxin Energy Co., Ltd. is one of the leading

manufacturers of high-purity polysilicon in China. They introduces world-leading

equipment and production technology from abroad,and realizes fully automatic,

full-cycle closed-loop operation through digestion and absorption and

technological innovation.

The Music Restaurant Case in France 55'' LCD Video Wall

France, a romantic country,

actually has many such unforgettable restaurants,

with 609 Michelin-starred restaurants alone.

Unique Display is honored to be able to provide large-screen display services

Canada XXX Insurance Company 55'' LCD Video Wall Case

Screen size:55inch Brand:Samsung

Bezel width:1.7mm Brightness:500cd/m2

Installation:Pop out bracket

Signals processing:HDMI 8in 8out matrix

SKF XXX Exhibition Hall 49 Inch LCD Video Wall Case

49 Inch LCD video wall is widely used in exhibition

for product display.Give the audience a stronger visual experience.

Uniqe Display successfully completed the project planning and engineering

installation after discussion and meeting with customers.


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