Unique Display Splicing Display Large-screen Solution, Speak With Strength

2021-08-24 04:14:04

In the era of big data, the LCD splicing screen is not only a display terminal, but an intelligent information interaction device that can enhance the user experience. In response to the needs of monitoring center application scenarios, Unique Display Technology has conducted in-depth research and precipitation, and through a professional one-stop solution, the LCD splicing screen can achieve the effect of "one screen, information exchange".


Take the splicing unit HBY-PJ550P-2 (55-inch 3.5mm LCD splicing screen) as an example, with a high-definition matrix, a large-screen display system with standardized configuration can be formed. If 9 LCD splicing units are installed in the command center, and the high-definition matrix supports 12 HDMI signal input and output, it means that after connecting 12 computer high-definition signals, they can be transmitted to 9 splicing screens. When the high-definition signals are displayed freely In the LCD splicing video wall screen, all windows can be roamed, superimposed, zoomed, etc., which can not only meet the application requirements of multiple signal source input and output in the monitoring center, but also provide monitors with a variety of observation modes to greatly optimize the use. Experience.


In addition, in the monitoring display system, the decoder and the LCD splicing screen are the two main hardware devices. The LCD splicing screen is responsible for display, and the function of the decoder is to decode the signal transmitted by the front-end camera, and then output to the LCD splicing On the screen, the storage and decoding of video images can be realized. When the decompressed video of the terminal is clearly displayed on the splicing screen, the commander can intuitively see the scene of the scene, thereby achieving the effect of improving the execution efficiency and shortening the incident handling time.

From the perspective of product characteristics, the full screen resolution of HBY-PJ550P-2 is 1920*1080, and the pixel pitch is 0.63mm. It has a better display effect. Its viewing angle is as high as 178 degrees, allowing users to experience a higher definition and better picture quality. . Compared with other display devices, one of the advantages of LCD splicing screens is low power consumption. The LCD splicing unit has an independent heat dissipation system, which not only meets the needs of 7X24 operation, but also realizes the real-time display and playback of high-definition images.


Of course, there are many application scenarios for LCD splicing screens, but with the iterative upgrade of development technology, Unique Displays LCD splicing screen application scenarios continue to expand to various new areas. Such as transportation, financial management command center, large conference plaza, store, stage entertainment, flood control command center, urban emergency management command center, radio and television studio, government enterprise multimedia video conference display system, security monitoring system, theater, media advertising, exhibition display System, brand store image display, etc., fully meet the needs of various application scenarios in different industries.

When any enterprise has reached a certain level of maturity, it will begin to transform from hardware such as products and technologies to soft power such as comprehensive service capabilities. In addition to focusing on the core needs of customers, improving customer derivative and expansion needs, Unique Display Technology d is also a professional one stop. The integrated solution fully empowers all walks of life.