LCD Video Wall project of Xinjiang Daxin Energy Co., Ltd.

LCD Video Wall Panel and Project Installation Site:

Screen size:55 inch


Bezel width:1.7mm



Signals processing:VGA 24in 24out matrix

Xinjiang Daxin Energy Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of high-purity polysilicon in China. The company introduces world-leading equipment and production technology from abroad, and realizes fully automatic, full-cycle closed-loop operation through digestion and absorption and technological innovation. Pure polysilicon. The production process has high material utilization rate, low energy consumption, green environmental protection, and various technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. The high-purity polysilicon produced by the company is the main raw material for the solar photovoltaic industry and can be processed into silicon ingots, silicon wafers, solar cells, and solar modules.


In order to build an intelligent monitoring system platform to monitor the real-time situation of various areas of the company in all aspects, ensure production safety and improve the accuracy of product quality control, the company introduced Winbond 55-inch LCD splicing screen with 3*18 splicing.As a large-screen display device of the monitoring terminal.Now that the project has been successfully completed and successfully put into use, let us take a look!