LCD Video Wall project of Guangdong Nut Law Firm

Project Description

Recently, Guangdong Nut Law Firm introduced Shenzhen Unique Display Technology Splicing Unit HBY-PJ490P (49-inch BOE 3.5mm LCD splicing screen) for large-screen display systems in conference rooms.

Guangdong Nut Law Firm is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen. It is led by lawyer Wu Jianjun, former party branch secretary and partner of Guangdong Shenbao Law Firm, and its core business areas are corporate legal counsel and major commercial litigation. Adhere to integrated management, team operation, and standardized services, and give full play to each lawyer's professional and resource advantages to provide each client with professional, meticulous and efficient legal services to help clients solve their problems.


Due to the rigorous attitude of the law firm in holding daily meetings, the traditional conference display equipment can no longer meet the daily meeting display needs. After investigating many LCD Video wall manufacturers, the Nut Law Firm got in touch with the salesperson of Unique Display Technology. According to the actual requirements and environment of the meeting room of Nuts Law Firm, after mutual discussion between the two parties, it was finally decided to select 9 49-inch BOE 3.5mm LCD splicing screens to be exhibited in 3 rows and 3 columns as the meeting room display screen.


Shenzhen Unique Display Technology project engineer designed the LCD splicing video wall installation plan for Nuts Law Firm, applying high-definition digital display technology, splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, multi-channel signal switching technology, network technology, centralized control technology, etc. Assemble as a whole, become a high-brightness, high-definition, high-intelligent control LCD splicing screen display system.

When designing the scheme, high-tech is used for important control nodes, so that the LCD splicing video wall can achieve 7×24 hours, 365 days a year, continuous trouble-free work, with high reliability and high stability.

The LCD splicing video wall uses unique image splicing processing technology, so that the large screen with 3 rows and 3 columns can operate continuously, safely and stably for a long time without causing image damage or distortion.

The large-screen splicing display system supports the access and display of multiple signals such as BNC, DVI, VGA, HDMI, etc. The signal that has been selected to be displayed on the wall is displayed through the control software, and the splicing controller can realize the full-screen display and arbitrary division of the signal , Window roaming, image superimposition, arbitrary combination display, image stretching and zooming, and a series of functions.

With the development of technology and the expansion of demand, system expansion is inevitable. The LCD splicing screen display system adopts a modular design. When designing the system, engineers will fully consider the feasibility of future system expansion to realize the expansion needs of users.

From the user's point of view, the installation, configuration, and operation convenience of system equipment provide powerful system management methods, reasonable configuration and adjustment of system load, monitoring of system status, and stable operation of control system.

Reasonable cost performance is an important content considered in system design. Therefore, the selected equipment will also consider economy on the basis of good performance.

General electronic consumer products are a simple buying and selling process, while LCD splicing screens are customized products, involving the implementation of a complete set of system design plans, from the early design plan to the later construction, installation and maintenance. It can be seen that Shenzhen Unique Display Technology has been providing customers with one-stop service.

Installation and service

When the LCD splicing video wall arrived at the destination, the installation engineer and the customer carried out the unpacking inspection of the LCD video wall, and performed the appearance inspection and power-on inspection of the LCD video wall. When the basic functions and technical performance of the LCD video wall meet the indicators, the installation engineer starts the execution of the project.

Before the LCD screen is installed, the engineer will adjust the size and installation position of the screen according to the actual situation on the site, and calculate the length and specifications of the various lines required. When wiring, it is also necessary to install the power line and signal line separately in different places to avoid interference.

As a core place that integrates a variety of work needs, the conference room is responsible for the "important task" of a company, receiving customers, working meetings, and departmental exchanges. Taking these factors into account, during the installation, the installation engineer used the front maintenance hydraulic support to install according to the design of the conference room to improve the space while achieving a clean and beautiful effect.

During the execution of the project, engineers combined with actual operations to explain the operation steps for customers and answer questions raised by customers.

After the installation project has passed the acceptance and completed on schedule, the engineer will conduct detailed product training for the customer on the spot, such as how to turn on and off the LCD video wall, signal selection, mode switching, etc.; the operation and editing of the LCD video wall, the setting of control parameters, and the basics Modification of data presets and related precautions.