HBONY helps Lhasa Design Institute Build A Meeting Room

Recently, Lhasa Design Institute Co., Ltd. introduced Shenzhen Unique Display Technology LCD Splicing Unit HBY-PJ550G (55-inch 0.88mm LCD splicing screen) to create a larger, clearer and smarter conference room display screen with 3 rows and 3 columns.

Lhasa Design Institute was established in 1989. It is the earliest engineering design unit in Lhasa. It is affiliated to Lhasa Urban Construction Investment Management Co., Ltd., and participates in the design of most municipal and construction projects in Lhasa urban area and other areas.


One-stop solution to meet customer needs

According to the Lhasa Design Institute's requirements for the use of LCD splicing screens, application scenarios and other requirements, based on the principles of advanced design, reliability, completeness, forward-looking and practicality, Bangying Technology provides a professional one-stop solution for it Program. The solution uses 9 LCD splicing units, HDMI video matrix, HDMI audio matrix and other equipment, with a total installation area of 7.4 square meters. With HDMI video matrix (HBY-PJ550G) and HDMI audio matrix, a standardized large-screen splicing display system is formed.

Through the HDMI video matrix, the LCD splicing screen can receive and convert the signal, and then output the signal and image processing methods to the display screen to display the playback image in real time. It can also make the input signal freely displayed in the LCD splicing screen, and fully support high-end display functions such as cross-screen, roaming, picture-in-picture, superimposition, zoom, etc., so that the high-definition display screen is more intuitively presented on the large screen, which is designed for Lhasa The hospital meeting needs to provide a variety of control mode options to greatly optimize the user experience.

In addition, the HDMI high-definition matrix supports 4 HDMI signal inputs and 12 HDMI signal outputs. It can connect multiple computer HD signals and then transmit them to multiple splicing display devices to display video images and achieve lossless transmission of high-definition images to meet the meeting Demonstrate the application requirements of a variety of signal source input and output.

In terms of data transmission, the HDMI high-definition signal line can send uncompressed audio and video signals, reduce or eliminate LCD splicing screen picture delay, stuttering, tearing and other phenomena, and realize smooth, non-staging, and uninterrupted viewing and viewing. Interactive. By supporting background operations connected to computers or mobile devices, seamless access to massive signals with the large-screen system is formed, which reduces the delay in the content transmission process while ensuring the accurate and efficient dissemination of displayed content, bringing more to the Lhasa Design Institute A new and efficient meeting experience.


As an indispensable audio device in audio and video transmission control, HDMI audio matrix plays an important role in audio transmission. Through the audio matrix, the required audio signal can be selected and switched out, and the unneeded display does not switch the output, achieving a very good control effect, which can greatly facilitate the selection of audio and video by the Lhasa Design Institute, and build the ultimate for the meeting scene Audio experience.

In the splicing screen project of Lhasa Design Institute, Shenzhen Unique Display Technology relies on a complete smart commercial display product service system, combined with Lhasa Design Institute's demand for meeting scenes, and fully empowers it with a professional one-stop solution. Realize centralized management and control of large-screen splicing display system, multimedia broadcast control system, peripheral environment system, and audio system, realize visual operation, and what you see is what you get. Interactive design and flexible control can not meet the various display needs of daily meetings, but also provide a more intelligent and high-end meeting mode for Lhasa Design Institute.

Provide personalized and precise services

Since its establishment, Shenzhen Unique Display Technology has always adhered to the quality concept of "do not support defective products, do not manufacture defective products, and do not discharge defective products", and strictly control product quality. When the LCD splicing screen arrives at the destination, the installation engineer will carry out the unpacking inspection of the LCD splicing screen with the customer. After the basic functions of the display meet the standard, the installation engineer will install the project according to the actual situation on site.

In order to bring better display technology to the data display of Lhasa Design Institute, the installation engineer adopts the wall bracket installation method, which can not only meet the high-definition display screen of the conference display, but also achieve a neat and beautiful effect.

For a long time, Shenzhen Unique Display Technology has always implemented the corporate service concept of "honest and trustworthy, professional focus, fast and efficient, sincere and far-reaching" throughout the service link. Continuously upgrade the service details and quality of multiple links such as on-site survey, on-site installation, and after-sales maintenance, focus on customer core functional requirements, improve customer derivative and expansion needs, continuously improve service quality, and strive to bring customers a better service experience.