Anhui Zangong Biodata LCD Video Wall Case

Anhui Zangong Biotechnology was established in 2020, and its production base is located in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. It is the first cosmetics manufacturer in China's cosmetics industry to invest in the construction of an integrated intelligent production line for blowing, filling and spinning.


One-stop solution

Shenzhen Unique Display Technology has been deeply involved in the commercial display industry for many years, integrating product and service capabilities, and has built a complete smart commercial display product service system, so that it can focus on the individual needs of customers in different fields, from demand collection to project landing to after-sales service. It is fully empowered with professional one-stop solutions.


In order to display complex data through a combination of graphics and text, to more intuitively display data trends, peaks, comparisons and other information, to achieve a more effective decision-making process, and to make Zangong biological operations and management more refined, Winbond Technology provides a professional one-stop solution.

The solution consists of 12 LCD splicing units and HDMI high-definition matrix (HBY-HD1212), image processor, signal source system, signal transmission and other systems, forming a standardized large-screen splicing display system, which can fully meet the daily data display of Zangong Bio Usage requirements.

When designing the scheme, the technical engineer combined the HDMI high-definition matrix (HBY-HD1212) with the LCD splicing screen. The HDMI high-definition matrix supports 12-channel signal input and output. Through the HDMI high-definition matrix, 12 computer high-definition signals can be connected and transmitted to 12 splicing display devices for video image display, meeting the application requirements of data display for input and output of multiple signal sources.

The HDMI high-definition matrix (HBY-HD1212) not only supports 12-channel signal input and output, but also supports 4K ultra-high-definition resolution and 30hz refresh rate input and output. While enhancing image clarity and contrast, it realizes lossless transmission of high-definition images.

In addition, the HDMI high-definition matrix also has a major function, that is, the long-distance balanced transmission function. The high-definition matrix comes with a long-term driver chip. By adjusting the on-site automatic equalization gain, it can carry out long-distance signal lossless transmission, making the picture more intuitive on the large screen. , To provide a variety of display modes for Zangong Biological in data display.


Traditional data display, data query is difficult, report data is not intuitive, important data is not prominent, and the display effect is boring. In order to enhance the informatization and fun of Zangong Biology's data display requirements, HDMI high-definition signal lines are used for data transmission. The HDMI high-definition signal cable can send uncompressed audio and video signals, reduce or eliminate LCD splicing screen picture delay, stuttering, tearing and other phenomena, and realize smooth, non-stop, and uninterrupted viewing and interaction, which is provided for Zangong Bio Clearer and more concise data display experience.


Project installation

Since its establishment, Shenzhen Unique Display Technology has always adhered to the quality concept of "do not support defective products, do not manufacture defective products, and do not discharge defective products", and strictly control product quality. When the LCD splicing screen arrives at the destination, the installation engineer will carry out the unpacking inspection of the LCD splicing screen with the customer. After the basic functions of the display meet the standard, the installation engineer will install the project according to the actual situation on site.

In order to bring better display technology to Zangong biological data display, in this project, the installation engineer adopted a wall bracket installation method, which not only satisfies the high-quality display screen of the data display, but also achieves a neat and beautiful effect.

Quality service

Shenzhen Unique Display Technology has always implemented the corporate service concept of "honesty and trustworthiness, professional focus, fast and efficient, sincere and far-reaching" throughout the service link, focusing on customer core functional needs, improving customer derivative and expansion needs, and continuously improving service quality.

In order to further improve the one-stop service level of pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales, Unique Display Technology will carry out product service training courses every week to continuously improve and upgrade the service details and quality of multiple links such as on-site survey, on-site installation, and after-sales maintenance. Committed to providing customers with a better product experience.

After-sales Service

After-sales service is an important link to test the company's service awareness and brand reputation. The courage to provide a comprehensive and stable after-sales service guarantee system is a manifestation of the company's product strength and service responsibility. Shenzhen Unique Display Technology has established a complete after-sales service system. After customers purchase the display, they can enjoy one year of free maintenance. The maintenance includes: remote technical support, repair and replacement of accessories, on-site service, etc.; and lifetime paid maintenance for customers Provide multiple after-sales service guarantees.