How to Make Everyone Feel Like the VIP in a Large Conference?

2021-10-13 05:17:51

With the large-scale development of modern enterprises, the demand for large-scale conferences continues to increase, and commercial large screens have gradually become irreplaceable equipment in enterprise operations, bringing greater value to the growth and growth of enterprises. However, the large and small screen sizes on the market are dazzling, and how to make a reasonable choice has become one of the problems that plague buyers.


Focus on meeting needs, choose large screens according to local conditions

The screen viewing effect is largely determined by the size. Generally speaking, a reasonable viewing effect requires people to be able to see each corner of the screen clearly without turning their eyes and head. If the screen is too large, you need to turn your head or eyes to adapt. If you watch for a long time, you will experience discomfort such as dizziness and dizziness. If the screen is too small, it will cause confusion and cause severe visual fatigue.

Different participants have different requirements for meeting space and screen size. Generally, large meetings have 20+ participants. When the viewing distance is greater than 5 meters, you need to choose a screen size of 65 inches and above. At the same time, the larger space will also lead to a more scattered distribution of seats. Participants have different viewing angles, and there are higher requirements for the viewing angle of the screen. Therefore, I want to choose a business that can reasonably match large-scale conferences. The big screen is not simple.


Large screen helps the best meeting experience

Facing the rigid demand for product size and display effect in large conference rooms, Winbond Relying on years of experience in the display industry, after fully considering the scene and use requirements of large conferences, customized large-scale interactive screens for large conference rooms Smart whiteboard.


As a commercial screen that focuses on meeting scenes, Unique Display's interactive smart whiteboard covers 55 inches-98 inches in size. Take HBY-H980P as an example. The 98-inch super-large screen is about 2.1 meters wide and 1.22 meters high. The screen-to-body ratio of 98.4% is nearly full, allowing conference content to be displayed more effectively. HBY-H980P enables the viewing distance to reach about 10 meters, covering a large conference room or presentation venue of 80-100 square meters, meeting the needs of 30-50 people watching at the same time, and perfectly adapting to large-scale conference scenes.

At the same time, HBY-H980P also uses a 4MM physical toughened explosion-proof high-transparent glass hard screen, which brings a 178-degree limit viewing angle, and can have a C-position look and feel even when sitting on the side.


In addition to the super-large size, HBY-H980P also focuses on large-scale conference scenes in terms of image quality, appearance and other aspects, so that the screen effect reaches the ultimate high-definition level, and the high-quality image that perfectly restores the sense of presence.

As a large-screen display product that can meet multiple office needs, Shenzhen Unique Display Technology brings immersive viewing effects and customized products for office collaboration in large-scale conferences, training and exchanges, and provides business partners in all scenarios. , Escort a multi-angle business journey!