Celebrating the 72nd Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

2021-09-30 03:15:38

Huabangying Group confess their motherland

There is a kind of pride called

"I am Chinese"

There is an affectionate confession called

"I love you, motherland"


We confess to you:

I love you five-star red flag

I love you my motherland

I wish a great motherland

Happy Birthday


Photo with the national flag

There is a flag

Called five-star red flag

Flying high and shining

There is a beautiful moment called

"I took a photo with the national flag"

Bless the motherland

Pay tribute to the motherland



Celebrate the National Day

1.Lantern and colorful

Every National Day holiday in our country, all enterprises and institutions will hang lanterns or banners and use slogans such as "Celebrate National Day" to celebrate the National Day; on the square, bonsai and hydrogen balloons with slogans are placed to welcome the National Day with a joyous atmosphere.


2.National Day military parade

Through the National Day military parade, you can celebrate the National Day, promote our countrys prestige, and show the world our countrys strong national defense capabilities, making people across the country feel a strong sense of pride.


3. Flag Raising Ceremony in Tiananmen Square

Every National Day, going to Tiananmen Square to watch the national flag raising is the dream of countless people. Therefore, people who use the National Day holiday to go to Beijing usually rush to Tiananmen Square to watch the soldiers in the national flag class raise the flag to express their immense love for the motherland. Watching the five-star red flag slowly rise, the excitement in their hearts is beyond words.