Efficient Empowerment | Huabangying Smart Whiteboard Lights Up Classroom Teaching

2021-09-10 10:26:57

What are the memories of the campus period? In the sound of reading, on the podium, immature dreams began to sprout and grow. From the most traditional "blackboard + chalk", to "blackboard + projection", and then to "push-pull blackboard + teaching integrated machine", with the updating of teaching tools, children's dreams are flying higher and farther.


In the context of education informatization, Huabangying has an in-depth understanding of education scenarios and future development needs, actively responds to interactive teaching, and strives to create a teaching all-in-one machine. From the perspective of product functions, the teaching all-in-one machine integrates a projector, an electronic whiteboard, a computer (optional), a TV, and a multi-functional interactive teaching device with touch functions. The embedded modern technology tools give new vitality to teaching and greatly enhance the fun of students' participation in classroom interaction.


Huabangyings smart whiteboard customized education software can seamlessly connect with third-party teaching resources, and provide teachers and students with teaching courseware for children, elementary school, junior high school, and high school, including text blackboards, intelligent test papers, and lessons. Post-training, video teaching courseware and other content can be watched at any time, so that teachers can realize one-stop preparation for teaching, free from the "fetters" of the platform, and can further shorten the communication with students.

In kindergarten teaching, the application effect of the smart whiteboard is particularly obvious. This is because children's intelligence is in the development stage, and it is not easy to attract them if knowledge is imparted in the form of words. The teaching all-in-one whiteboard can transform abstract knowledge concepts into concrete pictures, which can be presented in various forms such as pictures and texts, animated videos, entertainment games, etc., combined with the teacher's interactive explanation, can fully stimulate children's learning interest and thinking ability.


Because the smart whiteboard adopts ten-point touch control, intelligent office teaching software, multimedia network communication technology, high-definition flat panel display and other technologies. In the writing process of writing on the blackboard, the handwriting can be accurately restored through infrared touch writing technology. The back of the hand can be erased. The back of the hand can be erased with a single stroke. Free comments are supported. In addition to the comments on the electronic whiteboard, it also You can make comments in various places such as documents, pictures, etc., which is convenient and quick.

In addition, the teaching all-in-one machine can freely zoom, stretch pictures and videos, making teaching methods more flexible and changeable. It perfectly replaces the role of blackboard and chalk in traditional classrooms, and fundamentally eliminates the health of teachers and students due to dust. The damage caused, the destruction of the learning atmosphere.


Taking junior high school teaching as an example, a class of about 45 minutes seems a bit too long, it is difficult for students to concentrate, and it is difficult for teachers to achieve the original teaching goals. The smart whiteboard can convey the knowledge in the textbook to the students in an intuitive and vivid form through comprehensive multimedia technologies such as images, pictures, sound, and interaction, so that every student can participate in the classroom and make the teaching interaction become more common. Different, so as to further develop students' learning initiative.

In the era of education informatization 2.0, Huabangying has an increasingly large customer base in schools and educational institutions, and has accumulated rich market experience and service experience in the education industry. In the future, Huabangying will continue to take the improvement of teaching quality as its own responsibility, provide one-stop solutions from equipment, applications to services for the education industry, and continue to empower the development of education informatization.