LCD Splicing Video Wall Empowering the Field of Education

2021-09-06 05:06:04

In the context of a century-old plan and education-oriented, campus safety management has always been a focus of attention in the construction of smart campus monitoring systems promoted in various places. But at the same time, the continuous occurrence of campus safety accidents has also aroused social attention and vigilance, such as kindergarten child abuse incidents, campus bullying incidents, and campus safety emergencies.

In order to build a safe campus and strengthen campus safety management, more schools have begun to use LCD splicing screens to build a comprehensive monitoring and management system platform to improve the monitoring management system. How does the LCD splicing screen display the most vividly in the monitoring scene?


Take Huabangying HBY-PJ550P-1 (55-inch 1.8mm LCD splicing screen) as an example, in the monitoring scene, with a decoding matrix, a large-screen display system with standardized configuration can be formed. The decoding matrix adopts a dedicated security codec chip and adopts a modular design to ensure the stable operation of the system.

Assuming that the campus monitoring center is installed with 9 LCD splicing units, and the decoding matrix supports 12 HDMI signal input and output, it means that after connecting 12 computer high-definition signals, they are transmitted to 9 splicing screens for decoding. , Coding, splicing, segmentation, picture-in-picture, roaming and other functions.

Imagine that when the LCD splicing screen display system is implemented, every corner of the campus monitoring range will be clearly displayed on the screen. The campus staff can grasp the safety status of the campus at any time and reduce the occurrence of various safety accidents. In the event of an emergency, the monitoring personnel can respond immediately through the display screen and rush to the scene, which not only provides effective guarantee for the safety of students, but also effectively builds the campus security firewall.

From the product function, the brightness of the 55-inch 1.8mm LCD splicing screen is as high as 500 cd/m2, and the resolution of the entire screen is 1920*1080, which makes the display screen perform better; the viewing angle is as high as 178 degrees, and the physical seam is 1.8mm, which is a campus The monitoring center brings a more high-definition, better picture quality vision.

Compared with other display devices, one of the advantages of LCD splicing screens is low power consumption. The LCD splicing unit has an independent heat dissipation system, which not only satisfies 7X24 all-day startup, and has a service life of up to 6W hours, which meets the campus monitoring center's long-term use of terminal display equipment.

Of course, LCD splicing screens used in surveillance scenes can be spliced according to the actual scene. In a surveillance center with a small space, splicing forms such as 2 rows and 3 columns, 2 rows and 4 columns can be used, when used in a surveillance room with a larger space. , It can adopt splicing forms such as 4 rows and 9 columns, 3 rows and 12 columns. And this arbitrary form of splicing still maintains the effect of the screen not being stretched or deformed, and fully meets the diversified use of LCD splicing screens in the campus monitoring center.

In the teaching scene, the students' class status can be displayed in real time through different units divided by the large screen, such as whether the students are focused or not, and the teacher's teaching quality can be displayed at a glance, so as to achieve the role of supervision.

In fact, in the era of the Internet of Things, displays are everywhere. In order to highlight the value of LCD splicing screens in the display terminal, in addition to changing with the times and taking advantage of the trend, it must also adapt to the landing needs of multiple scenarios. In the future, Huabangying will continue to make efforts in multiple dimensions such as products, innovation, and services, continue to provide professional one-stop solutions for thousands of industries, and realize a new pattern of multi-win industry development.