See How The Touch all-in-one Kiosks Open The New Retail Era Correctly

2021-10-27 05:09:14

Whenever everything is silent, a powerful new life must be gestated, and it will lead the next round of recovery. Great opportunities must be hidden in the Great Depression. In this age full of variables, all kinds of reversals will happen at any time.

For example, in the era of intelligence, the development of touch technology has not only contributed to the popularization of smart phones, but also made the rise of touch all-in-ones. Especially in recent years, as touch screen technology continues to mature, touch all-in-ones have become more and more popular. Favorite. Like most electronic products, touch operation has gradually penetrated into people's lives, and more and more areas are closely connected with touch technology.

As a new type of high-tech electronic touch computer equipment, the all-in-one touch kiosk is widely used in many fields, especially in the new retail scene. The all-in-one touch machine enables shopping malls to truly integrate the network and the entity, and the online and offline integration. , Created a new mode of consumption.


Take Huabangying's all-in-one touch kiosks as an example--capacitive touch series products HBY-D320, HBY-D430, HBY-D490, HBY-D550, HBY-D650 integrate display, computer, and capacitive touch. For the application environment, with professional industry software, there will be a better interactive experience. Built-in LED backlight, uniform brightness and high color reproduction ratio, <5ms quick response, making the image smoother, suitable for various places in different fields, such as transportation industry, shopping malls, museums, libraries, etc. for self-checking.

Taking the HBY-D490 touch all-in-one machine as an example, from the perspective of the body shape, the HBY-D490 is classic black and silver, and the overall shape highlights the simple, atmospheric, and steady business style. Using high-definition resolution 1920 x 1080, standard full-view high-definition screen, can bring users a comfortable visual experience. The front panel is IP65 waterproof and light-resistant design, which will not change color for a long time, and is durable.


Of course, to present this beautiful scene, it also puts an all-round test on the quality and function of the smart business display. The simple interface and convenient operation are also one of the significant advantages of HBY-D490. This is reflected in the market praise of the touch all-in-one machine. While improving the effect of communication, it avoids cumbersome use procedures, and its stability also allows consumers to have better Human-machine experience.

At the same time, a powerful industrial control motherboard is built-in, which can meet the extreme speed and stability of various value-added applications, the huge operation of various data, and support 7*24 hours of work. The hardware mainly adopts the standard XB6 architecture and inspection type capacitive control. Positioning Technology.


The HBY-D490 touch all-in-one machine covers a complete range of sizes from 32 inches to 86 inches. It can be equipped with mainstream systems, expand and other functions, support customization, and fully meet the diverse needs of customers.

For large-scale supermarkets, in addition to enhancing the overall image of the supermarkets, the most important thing is to replace the traditional static posters and convey important messages to consumers in a smarter and easier way. Imagine that when consumers enter the supermarket, they can participate in it through the human-computer interaction function of the touch screen. When the attributes of the experience become more intense, it can further stimulate the consumer's desire to purchase goods and enhance the shopping mall. Sales.


In addition, in a huge shopping mall, if you want to go directly to your favorite store to buy goods, if you don't have a clear real-time route, and there are no staff or security guards, if you have a touch all-in-one machine, customers can use the navigation function on the touch all-in-one machine. Directly search for shops, information and routes. When the guidance messages are displayed at a glance, it not only brings great convenience to customers, but also reduces the work pressure of the shopping mall's information desk.

At the same time, the HBY-D490 touch all-in-one machine built with smart commercial display as the terminal, superimposed on the smart commercial display products of interactive, big data cloud operation, VR and other technologies, through the integration of these new technologies, the terminal under the smart retail The scene, with "design, interaction, experience" as the main appeal, grafting scenes with more cross-border elements, meeting consumers' emotional needs for personalization and design, enriching diversified experiences, and forming a new commercial space and atmosphere .