LCD Splicing Screen Used in Security Monitoring Center

2021-11-13 04:25:20

In recent years, with the rapid development of 5G+AI technology, the display terminal display system has gone through a new stage from "visible and clear" to "clear and clearer", especially in monitoring scenarios. In application, the display terminal has always been regarded as the "image" and "face" of the video surveillance system.


In the ultra-high-definition era, the value of display terminals is more prominent

As a benchmarkingbrand in the display field, Shenzhen Huabangying has significantly accelerated its focus on the commercial display field. Taking HBY-PJ550P (55-inch 3.5mm LCD splicing screen) as an example, it has been used in security monitoring scenarios. Highly recognized by industry customers.


As we all know, in the professional field of security monitoring, large display screens need to be turned on continuously 7 x 24 hours a day, which places higher requirements on the stability of display products. In these aspects, the high stability of HBY-PJ550P can be easily dealt with. For example, the professional internal heat dissipation design can significantly improve the reliability, and the brightness is up to 500 cd/, which makes the monitoring screen perform better; the resolution of the entire screen is 1920*1080, which can enhance the clarity and contrast of the monitoring image, no matter from which angle it is viewed , Can maintain a clear and stunning picture effect; 6W hours of service life provides strong support for accurately and efficiently handling emergencies.

Of course, in display terminal products, the viewing angle determines the size of the user's viewing range and the best viewing angle. HBY-PJ550P has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178°, which makes the picture clearer, no smearing, and supports multi-screen or Functional advantages such as split-screen display and high color reproduction meet the professional requirements of color accuracy and constant brightness in the security monitoring professional field.

On the other hand, the continuous good experience in use also depends on the professionalism of the final "process" of the product. HBY-PJ550P supports multiple signal source access and the ability to easily connect to various professional equipment, preset HDMI equipment and Multi-screen splicing and other features ensure that the splicing wall screen is in high-speed motion, the synchronization of the pictures between the splicing units, so that the playback content is clear and complete.


In addition, through image processing technology, HBY-PJ550P can also achieve various forms of display functions such as full screen, single screen, screen roaming, cross-screen, zoom in and out, picture-in-picture, picture-out-picture, and picture superimposition. At the same time, the signal window can also Arbitrarily zoom in, zoom out, drag or superimpose the display, effectively carry out multi-region monitoring, grasp the status of each region in real time, and make timely responses.

Take the traffic emergency command center as an example. After docking with the traffic data system, the office staff of the command center can understand the traffic dynamics in the area in real time through the LCD splicing screen in the command room, and respond in time according to the actual road traffic conditions, which is also beneficial to the traffic. The data-based presentation of traffic-related information such as related facilities, transportation vehicles, and operation processes provides material conditions and technical support for rapid analysis and judgment, comprehensive dispatch, and decision-making and command.


It is worth mentioning that with the promotion of display products in the security market, especially in the era of "Internet of Everything", it has driven its development towards government affairs, medical care, and safe cities. It is precisely to learn from these successful experiences that Winbond will continue to give full play to its own advantages, based on the successful application of the security market, continue to increase the expansion of the surrounding market, continue to develop more market segments, and expand the commercial display industry. The "cake" continues to grow bigger, which ultimately promotes the healthy development of the entire industry.