LCD Video Wall Empowers Enterprises' Security Control

2021-11-26 05:29:13

With the development of society, the acceleration of urbanization, the upgrading of monitoring technology and the continuous improvement of people's safety awareness, the public's need for safety has gradually transformed into a realistic demand. Based on the needs of security monitoring in thousands of industries, Shenzhen Unique Display has launched the 46-inch to 65-inch LCD splicing screen, with powerful performance to make security in all walks of life more convenient and efficient!


Insight into the details of the monitoring screen

For security monitoring in areas ranging from urban traffic to small corporate plants, campuses, etc., if the monitoring screen is not clear enough, it will greatly affect the judgment of management and monitoring personnel, making it impossible to detect suspicious situations in time, and the effectiveness of security monitoring will be greatly reduced.

Aiming at this point, take HBY-PJ550P-3 (55-inch 0.88mm LCD splicing screen) as an example, with 3D comb filter, dynamic noise reduction technology and low power consumption and other functional advantages to facilitate insight into the details of the monitoring screen. Equipped with a network cloud processor, it can make the monitoring screen sharp and clear, and realize the display effect of "one-screen perception" in various application scenarios.


Joint screen "micro-slit" display monitoring screen

Taking into account the real-time monitoring of multiple areas and multiple scenarios in the actual application of security monitoring, and in order to improve the efficiency and convenience of management and monitoring personnel, HBY-PJ550P-3 adopts a unique modular design with ultra-light and ultra-thin The design concept makes splicing installation easier, whether it is wall-mounted or independent bracket installation can be easily completed, and can be fully adjusted according to the actual layout of different security monitoring rooms.

When the management and monitoring personnel are in charge of monitoring, they may also need to open other important pages or present the global map of the monitoring area in real time. If they switch and jump directly, they may miss important information by not staring at the monitoring for a second. Through the split-screen software, the screen of the LCD splicing screen can be divided into multiple different independent working areas, and multiple monitors can be displayed side by side, so that every moment of the screen is "monitored".

At the same time, when HBY-PJ550P-3 is spliced, the left/top border width is 0.44mm, the right/lower border width is 0.44mm, and the border spacing is only 0.88mm during multi-screen splicing, which realizes "micro-seam" splicing. At the same time, it does not affect the combined screen display of the actual monitoring screen.


Excellent quality and comfortable office working

Different from other industries, the management and monitoring personnel in the security monitoring industry often need to stay in front of the monitoring screen for a long time, constantly sweeping on more than ten or even thirty or forty monitoring screens, so high-pressure and concentrated work, to the human eye, The damage to the spine is very serious.

The design of HBY-PJ550P-3 not only has the characteristics of high definition and flexibility, but also has a new ultra-wide viewing angle extension technology. "Spine Pain" further brings a healthier and more comfortable office experience.


In the security field, the downtime of LCD splicing screens often leads to the omission of many key information. Therefore, only excellent quality assurance and perfect after-sales service can truly relieve enterprises from worries. To this end, Shenzhen Unique Display has established a professional service team, which runs through the commercial display product development, pre-sales, project implementation team, after-sales and other links, and can innovatively propose professional one-stop solutions according to specific scenarios to provide customers and scenarios. Fully empowered.