The Tokyo Olympics kicks off, Unique Display Cheers for China

2021-07-23 06:05:43

For sports fans, this summer can be described as exciting, the enthusiasm for the European Cup and the NBA finals has not faded, and the Olympic flame will be lit again. Due to the long schedule, group matches in football, rowing, softball and other events have started on the 21st. The Chinese women's football girls fired the first shot of the Chinese team in the Tokyo Olympics. Today, the Tokyo Olympics, which is one year late, will officially kick off. 11,309 Olympic athletes from 206 delegations will compete in Tokyo and write a new chapter in the Olympics.


All-Star Olympic lineup goes to Tokyo, multi-sports ready to go to the championship

Although affected by the epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics had to be postponed, but the long-awaited Tokyo Olympics gathered the largest lineup in the history of the Olympic Games. The Chinese sports delegation sent a 777-member Olympic team. Among the 431 Olympic athletes, the All-Star lineup includes Zhu Ting, Ma Long, Sun Yingsha, Shi Tingmao, Xu Jiayu, Han Xu and other top players in their respective projects. They will join hands to launch the most violent impact on the podium.

It is worth noting that 138 athletes have participated in the Olympic Games, accounting for 32.02% of the total number of athletes, of which 131 have participated in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. 293 people participated in the Olympic Games for the first time, accounting for 67.98% of the total number of athletes. There are 291 people who have participated in the Asian Games, accounting for 67.52% of the total number of athletes, and 140 people who have not participated in the Asian Games, accounting for 32.48% of the total number of athletes.

Female track and field athlete Gong Lijiao, female Taekwondo athlete Wu Jingyu, male shooter Pang Wei, and male trampoline athlete Dong Dong will participate in the Olympics for the fourth time, making them the athletes with the most Olympics in the delegation.


Women's track and field athlete Gong Lijiao

Special anti-epidemic policy declining spectators to enter the stadium, one screen to open the immersive experience of watching the game

The reason why the Olympic Games is fascinating is not only that it provides a platform for the worlds top athletes to show themselves and win glory for the country. For ordinary viewers, they can feel the collision of muscles, watch human race against time, and challenge the limit. Cheering for your country is also a visual feast not to be missed.

Especially popular events such as the 100-meter race, basketball, swimming, and table tennis are hard to find and extremely popular. However, this Olympics was affected by the epidemic, and only 3 of the 42 competition venues allowed a small number of spectators to enter, and this also meant that most spectators could not visit the scene in person and could only watch the game online.

Due to the lack of support from the supporters, the relatively calm atmosphere of the competition is difficult to inspire the highest level of athletes. In order to solve this problem, the International Olympic Committee deliberately placed a block of large-sized screens on the game site to show the positive On the online spectator screen, supporters from different countries and regions can cheer for their team. Through the display screen, it can create a warm atmosphere for the athletes and "make the athletes feel as if they are surrounded by spectators."

For the audience, they can also rely on the screen to achieve an immersive experience of watching the game. As the saying goes, if you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. A high-quality display screen can not only restore a more realistic scene, but also create an immersive feeling, making the audience feel like they are on the scene and enjoy sports. The blood and charm brought. The outdoor advertising machine launched by Unique Display Technology is the best choice for watching sports events. It can provide "sports fans" with a clearer game screen and the experience of the real Olympic stadium, and is compatible with more application scenarios. 


As a typical representative of the retail scene, in the funnel model of consumption conversion, outdoor advertising machines are a key factor in the flow of people and residence time. During the Olympics, people shopping overtime because they are worried about the event may speed up the time to go home. However, if there is a super-high resolution display with extremely rich color levels and clear details that is broadcasting live events, it will bring visual The shock will make consumers linger, not only to further increase popularity, but also to extend the residence time, which further promotes the increase in sales of supermarkets.

In the era of discovering the beauty of sports and promoting national fitness, the square has become the first choice for sports enthusiasts. During major sports events around the world, the square is still the first choice for people to gather at night. Especially during the Olympics, for sports fans who dont want to miss a game but also like outdoor sports, the immersive experience brought by the oversized outdoor advertising player is unparalleled, and the sports scene is infinitely magnified in the field of vision. The tense atmosphere penetrates the screen, the most realistic visual perception. When a group of spectators gathered together and each cheered for their favorite athletes, the atmosphere was absolutely bursting.


As a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing one-stop solutions for smart commercial display products, Unique Display Technology has always adhered to the corporate service concept of "honesty and trustworthiness, professional focus, fast and efficient, and sincere and far-reaching", and continuously develops and innovates in products to ensure Under the premise of quality, we will provide users with products with maximum value, and strive to compete for gold and silver in the Olympic arena of smart commercial display.

The Olympic feast is about to start. Who will win the first gold for the Chinese delegation? Which country will top the medal list again? Unique Display Technology will join hands with everyone to cheer for the Olympic athletes and witness the birth of the glory of the Olympic Games together!