LCD Video Wall

LCD Video Wall

OLED Video Wall

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OLED includes transparent OLED and flexible OLED which provides a new way of visual communication,opening up a new creative world that traditional digital displays cannot provide.

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55 Inch Transparent OLED Panel
55 Inch Flexible OLED Panel
Panel typeTFT-LCDScreen brightness400/150 nit (APL 25%/100%)
Contrast ratio150000:1Aspect ratio16:9
Resolution1920*1080Display color16.7M(8bit)

7.9 / 7.9 / 7.9 / 121.7(mm,set,T/L/R/B)


6.64mm( cabinet) 4.89(active are)

Transparency38%(Panel)Weight12.6 KG
Max power consumption200(W/m²) Power supply AC100-240V/50-60Hz

HDMI(1),DP In/Out(1),IR In(1),RJ45 In/Out(1),USB(2), RS232C In/Out(1),

Audio Out(1),Internal Memory(64GB),FFC Cable(1.6 meter)

Service life 30,000 hoursWarranty1-3 years
Panel typeTFT-LCDScreen brightness140/150 nit (APL 100%/25%)
Contrast ratio150000:1Aspect ratio16:9
Resolution1920*1080Display color108%




Power Supply100-240V,50/60HzStandby power1W
Operating temperature5℃~45℃ Operating humidity 30%~80%

HDMI(1),VGA(1),DVI(1),DP In/Out(1),IR In(1),USB(1), RS232C In/Out(1)

Service life 30,000 hoursWarranty1-3 years

Transparent OLED -1

It has 38% transparency, while traditional
LCD displays have only 10% transparency

Transparent OLED -2

Self-luminous OLED technology provides a slim
and stylish design;AR and VR effects can be produced

Flexible OLED -1

Flexible design, support curvature up to 1000R

Flexible OLED -2

Ultra-thin and ultra-light, single screen thickness 1.03mm