China XXX Monitoring Center 46 Inch LCD Video Wall Case

Screen size:46 inch


Bezel width:3.5mm


Installation:Floor Standing Type

Signals processing:VGA 24in 24out matrix


First of all, the LCD splicing screen display platform can reduce congestion in the traffic management process. Why do you say that? Because the traffic monitoring platform adopts the LCD splicing screen, it can better display the urban traffic conditions and vehicle operation conditions, facilitate traffic management, and handle traffic incidents. So as to make the citizens travel more convenient and...

The second is the protection of LCD splicing screens for public... Residential districts and streets in cities are generally equipped with surveillance. On the one hand, it is for citizens' travel.. On the other hand, there are some emergencies or disputes. These surveillance images are often displayed on the large splicing screen in the surveillance room of the security department. The security department usually obtains monitoring information through the large LCD splicing display screen to ensure the protection of all aspects of the city.