55 inch LCD Video Wall Case for Mingcheng Packaging Company

Project Description

As traditional display screens are gradually replaced by high-definition displays, LCD splicing screens have emerged in subdivision fields, with application scenarios covering all walks of life and favored by customers. Recently, Shenyang Mingcheng Packaging Co., Ltd. used Shenzhen Unique Display LCD splicing unit HBY-PJ550P (55-inch 3.5mm LCD splicing screen) to create an intelligent data visualization platform with the help of a high-definition large-screen display system.

According to the data, the main business of Mingcheng Packaging is to use corrugated board processing technology to provide customers with a variety of light and heavy corrugated packaging, and to seek comprehensive packaging solutions for customers. The products are aimed at replacing wooden boxes and are widely used in industry and automobile industries. , Home appliance industry, food industry and other industries.

One-stop solution to fully empower customers.

Although intelligent terminal display products play an important role in enhancing the overall image of the company, Shenyang Mingcheng Packaging has a set of strict standards for the procurement of displays. In the docking project, Shenyang Mingcheng Packaging put forward rigid requirements for the LCD splicing screen: firstly, to ensure the reliability of the product, with high-definition display effects; secondly, to meet the data display requirements of the ERP system in daily work, such as basic data and logistics Data, query reports, retrieve data, etc. Based on the rigid demand of Shenyang Mingcheng Packaging for the display effect of LCD splicing screens, Winbond Relying on the accumulation of experience in the commercial display industry, provides it with a professional one-stop solution.

So how to make the smart terminal system of Shenyang Mingcheng packaging unique, and at the same time full of high-end atmosphere and high-grade sense of science and technology? In the scheme design, 15 LCD splicing units are displayed in the form of 3 rows and 5 columns, and then matched with the HDMI high-definition matrix of hardware equipment suitable for displaying content, forming a standardized configuration large-screen splicing display system, which can pack different data for Shenyang Mingcheng The display scene provides greater imagination space.


In terms of vision, HBY-PJ550P also gives full play to its functional advantages, such as bright colors and good display effects. It is the best choice for building a data display platform. The brightness is as high as 500 cd/m², which makes the performance of the display better; the resolution of the whole screen is 3840*2160, which can enhance the clarity and contrast of the image, make the picture clearer, and there will be no flickering and dazzling feeling when watching the screen; 6W Hours of service life provide a strong guarantee for the display.


Efficient and intelligent, a powerful assistant for data display

Traditional data display is supported by temporary statistics and report requirements. There are pain points such as multiple data reporting processes, scattered data, poor summary timeliness, various types, application difficulties, and lack of efficient data analysis methods. Taking manual data as an example, its characteristics are: scattered, inconsistent caliber, redundancy, and irregularity. In this way, the same data at the same point in time will be presented in different departments, with different descriptions and content, and it is also inconsistent in time and space. Data is a huge and tedious task, which not only prevents Shenyang Mingcheng Packaging from quickly obtaining data, but also reduces overall work efficiency.


Create the ultimate user experience

In order to bring a more high-definition display screen to Shenyang Mingcheng packaging, in the installation, the engineers combined with the site conditions, according to the different wall structure and the size of the project area, chose a more matching and more suitable splicing screen special cabinet installation method. Cabinet installation is the most commonly used installation method. It is suitable for environments with relatively abundant installation space. After installation, the thickness is generally about 40 cm. A certain amount of maintenance space can be reserved for later technical personnel to access and facilitate maintenance. From the appearance point of view, the installation method of the special cabinet for splicing screen makes the intelligent terminal system more stable, neat and beautiful.